Photobook publishing is flourishing and photo-eye, now in our 43rd year, is thrilled to be on the forefront of this wave, curating a selection of new books each week that we feel deserve your attention. As in past years, we've asked over 70 of our colleagues to help us narrow down the field and choose their own personal favorites published over the last twelve months.

We hope you enjoy this year’s selections and our wonderful correspondents' thoughtful words. We also hope that you are able to find new favorites to add to your own library from the rich diversity of titles chosen here.

Rixon Reed  Founder/Director
Christopher Johnson  Book Division Manager
Owen Kobasz  Newsletter/Social Media Editor
Porter McLeod  Shipping Manager
Delaney Hoffman  Bookstore Assistant

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P A R T   T H R E E
The Last in our Three Part Series
P A R T   T W O
The Second in our Three Part Series
P A R T   O N E
The First in our Three Part Series