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Seasonal Blues Volume VIII: Fall 2020
Photographs By Matt Eich.

Little Oak Press
  How to Look Natural in Photos
Curated And Edited By Beata Bartecka & Łukasz Rusznica. Design Joanna Jopkiewicz (grupa Projektor). Essay By Tomasz Stempowski.

Palm* & OPT
Night Light
Photographs By Jan Töve.

Töve Bild
  How Photography Became Contemporary Art
Text By Andy Grundberg.

Yale University Press
Record No.46
Photographs By Daido Moriyama.

Akio Nagasawa Publishing
Photographs By Jörg Colberg.

American / True Colors
Photographs By Stephen Marc. Contributions By Rebecca Senf And Bill Kouwenhoven.

George F Thompson Publishing
  On Contested Terrain
Photographs And Text By An-my Lê. Text By Dan Leers And David Finkel And Lisa Sutcliffe And Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Mount St. Helens
Photographs By David Maisel.

  Seasonal Blues
Photographs By Matt Eich.

Little Oak Press
Attention Servicemember
Photographs And Text By Ben Brody.

MASS Books
  how lonely, to be a marsh
Photographs By Madeline Cass.

self published
Photographs By Gerry Johansson. Text By Archaeologist Björn Nilsson.

Johansson & Jansson
  Stable Vices
Photographs By Joanna Piotrowska. Essays By sara De Chiara, joanna bednarek and dorota Maslowska.

Punk, Post Punk, New Wave
Photographs By Michael Grecco. Foreword By Fred Schneider. Introduction By Jim Sullivan.

  He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard
Photographs By Hannah Kozak. Text By Hannah Kozak, Hope Edelman, Aline Smithson.

A Parallel World
Photographs By Robert Adams.

Fraenkel Gallery
  Standing Still
Photographs By Robert Adams.

Fraenkel Gallery
Remnants of an Exodus
Photographs By Al J Thompson. Essay By Shane Rocheleau.

Gnomic Book
  Women Are Beautiful
Photographs By Garry Winogrand. Essay By Helen Gary Bishop.

Light Gallery / Farrar, Straus & Giroux

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