Europea.  Photographs by Joakim Kocjancic.
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Photographs by Joakim Kocjancic.
Bokförlaget Max Ström Press, 2021. 224 pp., 8¾x11½x1".

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Publisher's Description

In the beginning, humans migrated from Africa to the landmass we now call Europe. However, it would take a further 37,000 years for the first European borders to take shape. Rivers, mountain ranges and islands formed natural boundaries, aiding the creation of nation-states.

My own geographical borders are less distinct. I was born in Milan, Italy. My mother is Swedish and my father is Italian. My surname is Slavic in origin, and my ancestors were from north-eastern Italy and Slovenia. My wife is Belgian. I’ve lived in a number of European countries and speak several languages. As a result of my background and my need to look at the world around me, it’s impossible for me to identify with just one nationality.

Looking back on the years I’ve spent around Europe, I realise it was about a search for an identity that wasn’t restricted by nationality.

All the people I’ve photographed – usually in the street, sometimes just on the spur of the moment – are a part of me, of my identity. We’re a part of each other. By reflecting myself in other people, I search for myself, find points of reference, make sense of my values, discover the things I love, and preserve what I don’t want to be lost”.

I’ve spent a lot of time strolling around urban settings and gazing out over cityscapes. I’ve been fascinated by the crowds, the architecture, chaos, traffic and the way we live today. I try to create order from fast-paced urban life through my photographs. Using black-and-white images helps me to make sense of it. Travelling and moving house have made these cities blend together into one metropolis, dissolving borders and shifting the focus onto the human condition.

Europea is a homage to people and to the unusual in the everyday.

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