Des Oiseaux.  Photographs by Terri Weifenbach.
Des Oiseaux.  booktease preview.

Des Oiseaux.

Photographs by Terri Weifenbach.
Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, France, 2019. In English. 96 pp., 44 color photographs, 8x10".

Publisher's Description

The third in Xavier Barral's series on birds: Des Oiseaux.

Terri Weifenbach’s photographs present the secret world of nature, populated by birds. Created in the space of her personal garden, they reveal the lives of spngbirds, sparrows, and various passerines that nest in urban gardens. Oscillating between fantasy and reality, her images seem to be taken on the sly. They show stolen moments: suspended flights, birds dissimulated in the foliage, a loner gallantly perched on a branch, but also aerial ballets of linnets and chases between jays and thrushes. Most often taken at ground level, nose in the grass with the lens lost among the flowers, her photographs appear to substitute the ornithologist’s enthralled eye as it observes another world: that of birds.

The seasons follow in succession; the colours of the garden vary, passing from oranges, to the bright blues and greens of summer, to the immaculate white of winter. Saturated light and colour, plays on blurred and crystal-clear details, and freeze frames depict a “supra-reality”. Terri Weifenbach immerses us in the infinitely small, transporting us into a particularly lively world in which birds race at top speed, dance, or settle, freeze, and gather in parliaments. She reveals the marvels of their world.

Other titles in this series include Pentti Sammallahti,  Bernard Plossu, and Yoshinori Mizutani


Limited edition of 30 signed and numbered copies with an 8×10-inch print (shown below), contained in a custom slipcase.


Terri Weifenbach  Born in New York, Terri Weifenbach lived in New Mexico and California before moving to Washington DC. The creation of books, which she designs herself, plays a major role in her photographic practice. She has therefore published many books, including In Yours Dreams, Between Maple and Chestnut and Gift, coproduced with Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi. Her work is regularly presented in international museums and institutions in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Guilhem Lesaffre  When aged barely fifteen, Guilhem Lesaffre already showed an interest in nature. At first he was fascinated by minerals, plants, and butterflies, until birds entered the picture. For over forty years now, he has devoted much of his time to birds. Whether merely watching them or closely studying them, he is constantly struck by their beauty and is constantly learning more about their behavior. Long active in associations for the protection of birds — more than ever necessary today — Lesaffre is currently on the board of the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO). Through his many books and radio broadcasts he strives to introduce the general public to the secrets of birds, even while raising aware- ness of the current stakes of the protection of nature. Lesaffre lives in Brittany, France, in daily contact with the birds living around him.

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