Celebration! Married.

Photographs by Tatsu Hanai. Designed by Nanami Norita.
AKAAKA, 2020. 96 pp., 10x7¼".

Publisher's Description

Since the Taisho era, Japanese weddings have evolved uniquely by incorporating Western styles into their celebrations.

The author of this book, Tatsu Hanai, who has been involved in bridal photo work, shoots the bride and groom as the protagonists, while taking pictures.

I paid close attention to the front and back of the ceremony and the surrounding area, and captured the moment of the ceremony, where the bride and groom would not be seen.

This book has been selected from works that capture the moments of the wedding day of various families over 12 years.

Grooms who are so nervous that they are lying on the wall, grandpas who face their grandchildren's brides, fathers who take the role of raising a reflector, children who behave strangely, and can attend the ceremony. Even for the deceased who did not exist, the feeling of hard blessing at the place of Halle is reflected in its existence.

Being a family, being a family. The preciousness and humor of relationships that are inevitable and accidental are condensed into a single photo.

'Celebration! 'Married' illuminates people's activities through the wedding ceremony and gives everyone a unique moment while overlapping.

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