Prison Museum.  Photographs by Nicolò Degiorgis.
Prison Museum.  booktease preview.

Prison Museum.

Photographs by Nicolò Degiorgis.
Rorhof, 2022. In English. 440 pp., 9.5 x 6.25".

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Publisher's Description

Prison Museum contains photographs of the prison of Bolzano and Museion, the city’s modern and contemporary art museum.

Built in 2008, Museion is a 54m long aluminium cube with transparent front and rear façades that holds 4500 artworks. The prison dates back to 1870, it measures 62m in length and it was meant to house 90 inmates, a quantity often doubled in recent years. The two institutions are located on the same road, 100m apart from one another.

Leafed front to back, the book is white. Leafed back to front, the volume is in full colour. Together with Hidden Islam, Prison Museum is part of the Gate Fold Trilogy, a three-volume photobook series about ulterior spaces.

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