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Jean-Michel André Borders. (French Edition).
Photographs by Jean-Michel Andre. Contribution by Wilfried N'Sondé.
Actes Sud, 2021.   Cat# DU196    ISBN-13: 978-2330144715

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Américaines Solitudes.
Photographs by Jean-Luc Bertini. Preface by Richard Ford.
Actes Sud, 2020.   Cat# DT986    ISBN-13: 978-2330135980
Mathieu Asselin. Monsanto. A Photographic Investigation.
Photographs and Text by Mathieu Asselin. Foreword by Jim Gerritsen.
Actes Sud, 2020.   Cat# DT778    ISBN-13: 978-2330124076
Nan Goldin. (Beaux livres (AS)) (French Edition).
Photographs by Nan Goldin. Text by Stéphane Ibars. Contribution by Yvon Lambert.
Actes Sud, 2020.   Cat# DT887    ISBN-13: 978-2330133290
Unretouched Women. Femmes à l'oeuvre, femmes à l'épreuve de l'image.
Photographs by Abigail Heyman, Eve Arnold and Susan Meiselas.
Text by Abigail Heyman and Eve Arnold and Susan Meiselas.
Actes Sud, 2019.   Cat# DT844    ISBN-13: 978-2330125196
Koto Bolofo. The Equestrian Academy of Versailles.
Photographs by Koto Bolofo.
Actes Sud, 2019.   Cat# DT384    ISBN-13: 978-2330113889
Sophie Calle. True Stories. Sixth Edition.
Actes Sud, 2018.   Cat# DT328    ISBN-13: 978-2330093037
Laura Pannack. Prix HSBC pour la photographie.
Photographs by Laura Pannack.
Actes Sud, 2018.   Cat# DT151    ISBN-13: 978-2330077433
Mélanie Wenger. Prix HSBC pour la photographie 2017.
Photographs by Mélanie Wenger.
Actes Sud, 2018.   Cat# DT169    ISBN-13: 978-2330077440
Seeds of the Earth. The Vavilov Institute.
Photographs by Mario Del Curto.
Actes Sud, 2018.   Cat# DT166    ISBN-13: 978-2330079055
Une Bibliothèque. Maison européenne de la photographie.
Edited by Irene Attinger. Preface by Jean-Luc Monterosso.
Actes Sud / Maison européenne de la photographie, 2018.   Cat# DT228    ISBN-13: 978-2330075194

Christian Vium. HSBC Prize for Photography 2016.
Photographs by Christian Vium.
Actes Sud/HSBC, Les Baux, 2017.   Cat# DS881    ISBN-13: 978-2330063047
French Archives. Aix-en-Provence 1957-1958.
Photographs by Harry Callahan. Texts by Jean-Luc Monterosso, Peter MacGill, Laurie Hurwitz, Pascal Höel.
Actes Sud / Maison européenne de la photographie, Arles and Paris, 2017.   Cat# DS834    ISBN-13: 978-2330068318
Marta Zgierska. HSBC Prize for Photography 2016.
Photographs by Marta Zgierska.
Actes Sud/HSBC, Les Baux, 2017.   Cat# DS880    ISBN-13: 978-2330063054
Paris Metro Photo.
Published by Actes Sud.
Actes Sud, Arles, 2016.   Cat# DS781    ISBN-13: 978-2330065911
True Stories. Fifth Edition.
Photographs by Sophie Calle.
Actes Sud, Paris, 2016.   Cat# DS778    ISBN-13: 978-2330060404
My All.
Photographs by Sophie Calle.
Actes Sud, Paris, 2016.   Cat# DS653    ISBN-13: 978-2330053697
Photographs by Sarah Moon. Text by Aimee Bender.
Actes Sud/Hermès, 2015.   Cat# DS435    ISBN-13: 978-2330037277
Voir La Mer.
Photographs by Sophie Calle.
Actes Sud, 2013.   Cat# DS173    ISBN-13: 978-2330016166

A Sporting Life.
Photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue.
Actes Sud/Hermès, 2013.   Cat# DS139    ISBN-13: 978-2330016111

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