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Pastoral. Moscow Suburbs.
Photographs by Alexander Gronsky.
Contrasto, Milan, 2015.   Cat# ZG552    ISBN-13: 978-8869654695

Metropolitan Life (Logos).
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico. Contribution by Giovanna Calvenzi.
Contrasto, 2019.   Cat# C1006    ISBN-13: 978-8869655012
So Present, So Invisible. Conversations on Photography.
Text by David Campany. Contributions by Jeff Wall and Susan Meiselas.
Contrasto, 2019.   Cat# C1009    ISBN-13: 978-8869657412
Photographs by Mattia Zoppellaro.
Contrasto, 2018.   Cat# C1011    ISBN-13: 978-8869657276
Where Gods Whisper.
Photographs by Monika Bulaj.
Contrasto, 2018.   Cat# C1012    ISBN-13: 978-8869653148

The Enchanted Camera (Logos).
Photographs by Mimmo Jodice. Text by Isabella Pedicini.
Contrasto, 2017.   Cat# C1007    ISBN-13: 978-8869654626
Mirrors Windows and Homes. Conversation with Francesco Zanot (Logos).
Photographs by Guido Guidi. Text by Francesco Zanot.
Contrasto, 2017.   Cat# C1008    ISBN-13: 978-8869656118

Jack London. The Paths Men Take.
Photographs and text by Jack London. Text by Davide Sapienza. Edited by Alessia Tagliaventi.
Contrasto, Catania, 2016.   Cat# ZG852    ISBN-13: 978-8869656392
Text by Irene Kung. Editor by Giovanna Calvenzi.
Contrasto, Rome, 2016.   Cat# ZG809    ISBN-13: 978-8869654657
Conversation with Joel Meyerowitz.
Photographs by Joel Meyerowitz. Text by Alessia Tagliaventi.
Contrasto, 2016.   Cat# ZH097    ISBN-13: 978-8869656361

Photographs by Zackary Canepari.
Contrasto, Rome, 2016.   Cat# ZH311    ISBN-13: 978-8869656972
Eyes Wide Open.
Interviews by Mario Calabresi.
Contrasto, Rome, 2015.   Cat# ZG512    ISBN-13: 978-8869655807
The Long Road of Sand.
Text by Philippe S├ęclier and Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Contrasto, Rome, 2015.   Cat# ZG514    ISBN-13: 978-8869655791
ENCERRADOS. 10 years, 74 prisons.
Photographs by Valerio Bispuri. Commentary by Eduardo Galeano. Foreword by Roberto Saviano.
Contrasto, Rome, 2015.   Cat# ZG513    ISBN-13: 978-8869655814
The Enchanted Camera.
Photographs by Mimmo Jodice with contributions by Isabella Pedicini.
contrasto, Rome, 2013.   Cat# ZF535   

Photographs by William Klein.
Contrasto, 2015.   Cat# ZG212    ISBN-13: 978-8869655340
The Italians.
Photographs by Bruno Barbey. Introduction by Goffredo Fofi.
Contrasto, 2015.   Cat# ZG220    ISBN-13: 978-8869655630

Photographs by Josef Koudelka.
Contrasto, 2014.   Cat# ZF769    ISBN-13: 978-8869654879
Photographs by Joan Fontcuberta.
Contrasto, 2014.   Cat# ZF847    ISBN-13: 978-8869655210

From My Land to the Planet.
Photographs by Sebastiao Salgado.
Contrasto, 2014.   Cat# ZG057    ISBN-10: 8869655377

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