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Evidence. Third Edition.
Photographs edited by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Text by Sandra Phillips.
D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, New York City, 2017.   Cat# DS842    ISBN-13: 978-1942884149
The Anatomical Venus. Wax, God, Death & the Ecstatic.
Text by Joanna Ebenstein.
D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Inc., 2016.   Cat# DS707    ISBN-13: 978-1938922916
Written in the West, Revisited.
Photographs by Wim Wenders. Contribution by Alain Bergala.
D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2015.   Cat# DS460    ISBN-13: 978-1938922848

Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel.
Photographs by Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel. Text by Charlotte Cotton, Connie Lewallen, Thomas Wagner, Carter Ratcliff, Jonathan Lethem.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2012.   Cat# DQ890    ISBN-13: 978-1935202820

Lewis Hine.
Photographs by Lewis Hine. Text by Alison Nordström, Elizabeth McCausland.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2012.   Cat# DQ876    ISBN-13: 978-1935202769

In Their Youth.
Photographs by Greg Gorman.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2010.   Cat# DQ305    ISBN-13: 978-8862081412

On Curating. Interviews with Ten International Curators.
By Carolee Thea.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2010.   Cat# DQ532    ISBN-13: 978-1935202004

One Picture at a Time.
Photographs by Gunnar Smolianksy.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP992    ISBN-13: 978-3865216151

Writings 1961-2007.
Text by Gerhard Richter. Edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist with additional text by Dietmar Elger.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2009.   Cat# DQ177    ISBN-13: 978-1933045948

Unknown Halsman.
Photographs by Philippe Halsman; edited by Oliver Halsman Rosenberg.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DQ023    ISBN-13: 978-1933045870

Eye on Time.
Photographs by Michael Ruetz.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP986    ISBN-13: 978-3865215772

A Kind of You.
Photographs by Roni Horn.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP988    ISBN-13: 978-3865215833

Andreas Gursky.
Photographs by Andreas Gursky.. Text by Beate Söntgen, Nina Zimmer. Preface by Bernhard Mendes Bürgi.
Distributed Art Publishers., Ostfildern., 2008.   Cat# DP872    ISBN-13: 978-3775720199

Photographs by Babeth Djian.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP989    ISBN-13: 978-3865214829

Crime. A Series of Extraordinary Interviews Exposing the World of Crime—Real and Imagined.
Edited by Alix Lambert, Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell, Ariana Speyer.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP985    ISBN-13: 978-0955006180

Jerarquias De Intimidad.
Photographs by Luis Gonzalez Palma; text by Elizabeth Culbeth, Francisco Najera, Graciela de Oliveira.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP987    ISBN-13: 978-3865216045

Kunst Lehren-Teaching Art. Städelschule Frankfurt am Main.
Text by Pamela Lee, Okwui Enwezor, Niklas Maak, Jan Verwoert.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP982    ISBN-13: 978-3865603395

Liquid Chain Into the Vapor Wall. The Fall.
By FOS (alias Thomas Poulsen); Pernille Albrethsen, ed.; Text by Cecilie Ostergaard Hogsboro, Claus Heinberg, Claus Emmeche, Jason Dodge.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP984    ISBN-13: 978-9689056195

Photographs by Mary Ellen Carroll.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP994    ISBN-13: 978-3865216182

Optics. Compression. Propaganda..
By Sean Snyder, edited by Silvia Sgualdini.
Distributed Art Publishers, 2008.   Cat# DP981    ISBN-13: 978-3865603289

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