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Springs And Wells. Manhattan And The Bronx.
Photographs by Stanley Greenberg and James Reuel Smith.
Fw: Books, 2021.   Cat# IB982    ISBN-13: 978-9490119966
My Japan.
Photographs by Issei Suda.
Fw: Books, 2021.   Cat# IB988    ISBN-13: 978-9490119959
Photographs by Various Artists. Collected by Paul D'Amato. Edited and designed by Hans Gremmen.
Skylark Editions & Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2021.   Cat# IZ001    ISBN-13: 978-9083165806
Trigger#2 Uncertainty.
Photographs by Various Artists.
Fw: Books, 2021.   Cat# IB968    ISBN-13: 978-9490119928
Hoarder Order.
Photographs by Thomas Kuijpers.
Fw: Books, 2020.   Cat# IB946    ISBN-13: 978-9490119874
Constructed Landscapes.
Photographs by Dafna Talmor.
Fw: Books, 2020.   Cat# IB957    ISBN-13: 978-9490119843
Encampment, Wyoming. Selections From The Lora Webb Nichols Archive 1899-1948.
Edited by Nicole Jean Hill.
Fw: Books, 2020.   Cat# IB964    ISBN-13: 978-9490119898

Miss Cox.
Photographs by Mariken Wessels.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2020.   Cat# IB923    ISBN-13: 978-9490119836

The Living Mountain.
Photographs by Awoiska Van Der Molen. Music scores by Thomas Larcher.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2020.   Cat# IB932    ISBN-13: 978-9490119881
American Origami.
By Andres Gonzalez.
Fw: Books + Light Work, Amsterdam, 2019.   Cat# ZJ049    ISBN-13: 978-9490119812
Trigger Impact.
Contributions by Various Artists.
Fw: Books / Fomu, 2019.   Cat# IB914    ISBN-13: 978-9490119829
Were It Not For.
Photographs by Michael Ashkin.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2019.   Cat# IB908    ISBN-13: 978-9490119805
False Positives.
Photographs by Esther Hovers. Text by Sophie Wright.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# IB856    ISBN-13: 978-9490119577
Photographs by Carla van de Puttelaar.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# IB855    ISBN-13: 978-9490119560
Today, Too, I Experienced Something I Hope To Understand In A Few Days.
Photographs by Sanne van den Elzen.
Fw:Books, Amsterdam, 2018.   Cat# IB880   
Photographs by Awoiska Van Der Molen.
Fw:Books, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# IB830    ISBN-13: 978-9490119485

Family Tree.
Photographs by Ringel Goslinga.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# IB723    ISBN-13: 978-9490119027
Field Studies.
Photographs by Chrystel Lebas and Sir Edward James Salisbury. Text by Nanda van Den Berg.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# IB808    ISBN-13: 978-9490119461

Photographs by Martine Stig.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# IB813    ISBN-13: 978-9490119454
How What Exists Exists.
Photographs by Nicola Nunziata. Text by Francesco Zanot.
Fw: Books, Amsterdam, 2015.   Cat# IB720    ISBN-13: 978-9490119324

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