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Vienna Gold.
Photographs by Peter Dressler.
Fotohof Editions, Vienna, 2017.   Cat# MW343    ISBN-13: 978-3902993410

8630 Mariazell.
Photographs by Erwin Polanc.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2017.   Cat# MW355    ISBN-13: 978-3902993441

Lange Weile.
Photographs by Tina Bara.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2016.   Cat# MW308    ISBN-13: 978-3902993212

Photographs by Christina Mcbride. Text by Roberto Bravo.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2016.   Cat# MW309    ISBN-13: 978-3902993199

COLORFUL LUCENCY. Transparent Stills of the 1920s and 1930s.
By Roland Fischer-Briand. Edited by Monika Faber & Walter Moser.
FOTOHOF EDITIONS, Vienna, 2016.   Cat# MW339    ISBN-13: 978-3902993373

Chandigarh Brasília. reVision.
Photographs by Georg Salner.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2016.   Cat# MW329    ISBN-13: 978-3902993243

Frame and Focus. Photography as a Schooling Issue.
Edited by Maren Groning.
Fotohof Editions and Photoinstitut Bonartes, 2016.   Cat# MW313    ISBN-13: 978-3902993144

War Rooms.
Photographs by Katharina Gruzei.
Fotohof Editions, Vienna, 2016.   Cat# MW345    ISBN-13: 978-3902993328

What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?.
Photographs by Antje Guenther and Wilson Alwyn Bentley.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2016.   Cat# MW323    ISBN-13: 978-3902993229

Photographs by H.H. Capor.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2016.   Cat# ZG707    ISBN-13: 978-3902993175
Heimat Photography in Austria.
Edited by Elizabeth Cronin.
Fotohof Editions, 2015.   Cat# MW297    ISBN-13: 978-3902993113

Mira, Study for a Portrait.
Photographs by Jelena Jureša.
Fotohof Editions, 2014.   Cat# MW280    ISBN-13: 978-3902675941

Photographs by Frank Madler.
Fotohof Editions, 2014.   Cat# MW275    ISBN-13: 978-3902675866

Photographs by Otmar Thormann.
Fotohof Editions, 2014.   Cat# MW278    ISBN-13: 978-3902675873

Au Louvre, Arcadia Revisited.
Photographs by Annelies Oberdanner. Edited by Rainer Iglar & Michael Mauracher.
Fotohof Editions, 2013.   Cat# MW254    ISBN-13: 978-3902675569

Photographs by Lilla Szasz.
Fotohof Editions, 2013.   Cat# MW258    ISBN-13: 978-3902675583

Foukauld - Dissapearance.
Photographs by Markus Oberndorfer.
Fotohof Editions, 2013.   Cat# MW255    ISBN-13: 978-3902675712

Picturing the Others.
Photographs by Vera Brandner.
Fotohof Editions, Austria, 2012.   Cat# MW236    ISBN-13: 978-3902675576

Basement Arcade.
Photographs by Rolf Koppel.
Fotohof Editions, Austria, 2012.   Cat# MW238    ISBN-13: 978-3902675620

Photographs by Roger Palmer.
Fotohof Editions, Austria, 2012.   Cat# MW239    ISBN-13: 978-3902675651

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