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Blue Water 1967-2022.
Photographs by Sakiko Nomura.
Little More, 2022.   Cat# IZ100    ISBN-13: 978-4898155530
Dive to Bangladesh.
Photographs by Syoin Kajii.
Little More, 2019.   Cat# IB891    ISBN-13: 978-4898155059
Mori and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats.
Photographs by Masanori Ikeda, Kazue Kawase, Yuka Ikenoya. Design by Akiko Tokunaga.
Little More, 2016.   Cat# IB802    ISBN-13: 978-4898154472
Dear Deer.
Photographs by Yoko Ishii.
Little More, Tokyo, 2015.   Cat# IB717    ISBN-13: 978-4898154267
Very Special Love 20 Postcards.
Photographs by Katsumi Omori.
Little More, 2015.   Cat# IB654    ISBN-13: 978-4898154007

Misao, the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat Goodbye Hello.
Photographs by Miyoko Ihara.
Little More, 2014.   Cat# IB483    ISBN-13: 978-4898153673
20 Postcards.
Photographs by Takashi Homma.
Little More, 2013.   Cat# IB432    ISBN-13: 978-4898153604
20 Postcards.
Photographs by Rinko Kawauchi.
Little More, 2013.   Cat# IB433    ISBN-13: 978-4898153611
Afrika War Journal.
Photographs by Ryo Kameyama.
Little More, 2012.   Cat# IB392    ISBN-13: 978-4898153437

Photographs by Tatsuki Masaru.
Little More, 2012.   Cat# IB303    ISBN-13: 978-4898153154
Opening the Door.
Photographs by Shimabuku.
Little More, 2011.   Cat# IB205    ISBN-13: 978-4898152959

Bus Stop.
Photographs by Shuichiro Shibata.
Little More, 2010.   Cat# IB174    ISBN-13: 978-4898152867

Varnish and Mortar.
Photographs by Yusuke Nagai.
Little More, 2010.   Cat# IB150    ISBN-13: 978-4898152768

Photographs by Kikuchi Osamu.
Little More, 2009.   Cat# IB083    ISBN-13: 978-4898152508

Tokyo Street Rockers 1978-1981.
Photography by Yuichi Jibiki.
Little More, 2009.   Cat# IB111    ISBN-13: 978-4898152775

Photographs by Masato Seto.
Little More, Tokyo, 2008.   Cat# IB022    ISBN-13: 978-4898152522

Mt. Fuji.
Photographs by Naoki Ishikawa.
Little More, Tokyo, 2008.   Cat# IB031    ISBN-13: 978-4898152560

Night Flight.
Photographs by Sakiko Nomura.
Little More, 2008.   Cat# IB025    ISBN-13: 978-4898152577

Photographs by Panda Kanno.
Little More, Tokyo, 2008.   Cat# ID908    ISBN-13: 978-4898151549

Decotora. 1998 – 2007 Japanese Art Truck Scene.
Photographs by Tatsuki Masaru.
Little More, Tokyo, 2007.   Cat# ID865    ISBN-13: 978-4898152188

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