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Anderswo / Elsewhere.
Photographs by Petra Barth. Afterword by Bill Kouwenhoven. Contribution by Sarah Leen and Terán Milagros. Designed by HvADesign. Edited by Lynn Medford.
Schilt Publishing, London, 2021.   Cat# IG063    ISBN-13: 978-9053309469
A Place of Our Own.
Photographs by Iris Hassid.
Schilt Publishing, 2020.   Cat# IG051    ISBN-13: 978-9053309438
A Blue Idyll. Cyanotypes and Dreams.
Text by Brenton Hamilton.
Schilt Publishing, 2020.   Cat# ZJ345    ISBN-13: 978-9053309414
Someone Else’s Mother.
Photographs by Caroline Irby. Design by Victor Levie.
Schilt Publishing, 2020.   Cat# ZJ364    ISBN-13: 978-9053309407
African Cosmologies. Photography, Time and the Other.
Edited by Steven Evans, Max Fields, and Mark Sealy.
Schilt Publishing, 2020.   Cat# IG043    ISBN-13: 978-9053309322
Keeper of the Hearth. Picturing Roland Barthes' Unseen Photograph.
Photographs by Various Artists. Edited by Odette England.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2020.   Cat# DT864    ISBN-13: 978-9053309377
to Hans.
Photographs by Vivian Keulards. Essay by Ralf Mohren.
Schilt Publishing, 2020.   Cat# IG046    ISBN-13: 978-9053309384
Dear Mr. Picasso. An illustrated love affair with freedom.
by Fred Baldwin.
Schilt Publishing, 2019.   Cat# ZH974   
New Path. A Window on Nenets Life.
Photographs by Alegra Ally.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2019.   Cat# ZH959   
Going South. Big Sur.
Photographs by Kirk Crippens.
Schilt Publishing, 2019.   Cat# ZH964    ISBN-13: 978-9053309179
Mind The Gap.
Photographs by Joshua Lutz.
Schilt Publishing, 2018.   Cat# ZH565    ISBN-13: 978-9053308943
INDIA. Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art.
Text by FotoFest International. Edited by Steven Evans and Sunil Gupta.
Schilt Publishing, 2018.   Cat# DT235    ISBN-13: 978-9053309001
You An Orchestra You A Bomb.
Photographs by Cig Harvey.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# ZH271    ISBN-13: 978-9053308936

Archiving Eden.
Photographs and text by Dornith Doherty. Essay by Elizabeth Avedon.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# ZH307    ISBN-13: 978-9053308844
Destino Final. Argentina's death flights during the Dirty War.
Photographs and text by Ceraudo Giancarlo and Lewin Miriam. Contribution by Almeida Taty and Garzón Real Baltasar and Piñeyro Enrique and Somigliana Carlos "Maco". Edited by Rinaldo Arianna. Introduction by Verbitsky Horatio.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2017.   Cat# C1005    ISBN-13: 978-9053308646
BORDER. A journey along the edges of Russia.
Photographs by Maria Gruzdeva.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# ZG910    ISBN-13: 978-9053308783
The Long Night of Mégantic/La longue nuit de Mégantic.
Photographs by Michel Huneault.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# ZG909    ISBN-13: 978-9053308769
The Unseen. An Atlas of Infrared Plates.
Photographs by Edward Thompson.
Schilt Publishing, London, 2016.   Cat# ZG891    ISBN-13: 978-9053308639
Ken. To be destroyed.
Photographs by Sara Davidmann.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2016.   Cat# ZG673    ISBN-13: 978-9053308615
Gardening at Night.
Photographs by Cig Harvey.
Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, 2015.   Cat# ZG213    ISBN-13: 978-9053308448

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